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Chipa (kilo) Cheese Bread
Gluten Free
Chipa (kilo) Cheese Bread

Chipa is a savory bread made with cassava starch and cheese. It is a favorite Paraguayan snack sold all over the country.

Traditional Paraguayan chipa (pronounced CHEEP-ah) is sold on the streets every day, throughout the year.

This bread consists of cassava flour/starch, fresh corn flour, Paraguayan cheese, butter, eggs, and anise seeds.

£ 20 
Mbeju  (kilo) Gluten Free Cheese Flatbread
Gluten Free
Mbeju (kilo) Gluten Free Cheese Flatbread

Mbejú is a buttery, gluten-free, cheese flatbread with crispy edges that is enjoyed all over Paraguay with a cup of coffee or cocido (yerba mate tea).

Mbejú (pronounced bay-joo) is a savory flatbread, made with cassava or yuca starch/flour, lots of cheese and bound together with a splash of milk.

Because of the use of cassava flour, this flatbread is naturally gluten-free.

Mbeju is a winter comfort food that should be better known around the world.

£ 20