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My EMPANADAS Haven't Arrived Yet?
UPS deliver to domestic properties up to 6:00pm.  Most orders are delivered within the next day timeframe, however there are rare occasions where they can trip over into the following day due to congestion or network problems.

Please don't worry, our packaging is extremely robust and maintains a frozen state up to 48hrs after leaving our frozen distribution centre.

At this moment in time 99.5% of our EMPANADAS deliveries are made within 24hrs.

Can I Pick 'n' Mix My Own Collection?
Yes you can!  

We have created a special "EMPANADAS Mix" collection which allows you to choose 10 of your favourite pasties in any mix.

Just send a message to us on Whatsapp and we'll create a collection for you!

Can I Pay With Credit Card
Yes you can

Can I Buy Individual EMPANADAS From You?
You can purchase a box of 10 pasties through our "EMPANADAS Mix" service, these are frozen uncooked products for you to fried or bake off at home.

You can buy individual EMPANADAS, but is not free delivery

Are there any vegetarian options available?
Yes, we have a good selection of vegetarian products available, Vegetable EMPANADAS, Cheese and Onion EMPANADAS, and Sweetcorn EMPANADAS...browse our shop for more information

Will you deliver to me?
We deliver EMPANADAS by post nationally (anywhere in mainland UK) on a next day service (when ordered before 2:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday)

For Wholesale customers please write us via whatsapp.

Are they really genuine SOUTH AMERICA EMPANADAS??
Yes...we only sell genuine, authentic recipe from SOUTH AMERICA .

Do You Sell Gluten Free Products?

How do I cook your Empanadas?
We've produced a downloadable guide which provides instructions on fried or baking our EMPANADAS, you can see The Cooking Instructions Here

How do I identify each pasty flavour?
We've produced a downloadable guide which provides identification of our EMPANADAS easy, you can see The Empanadas Markings Here

Do you sell your EMPANADAS Wholesale?
Yes we do sell to trade customers, puedes escribirnos un whatsapp o enviar un email a info@laresidenta.co.uk